Webinar: How you can seamlessly solve previously unsolvable business issues for your firm with GLIDE

Webinar: Choosing Knowledge Graphs and Data Lineage Solutions

Webinar: Semantic Data Mapping in the Context of Data Lineage

Webinar: Implementing the Critical Data Concept

Webinar: Data Lineage for Finance and Risk Professionals

Webinar: Knowledge Graphs, Metadata Management, and Data Lineage

Webinar: Data Lineage for Finance and Risk Professionals

In this webinar Dr. Irina Steenbeek, author of several books on Data Lineage, provides an overview of key concepts of data value lineage and how knowledge graph-based solutions can solve key technology and business challenges for financial and risk professionals. Dr Steenbeek is joined in the webinar by Ragav Gomatam, Senior Solution Architect, Trigyan, who provides a short demo of The Trigyan product GLIDE.

In the webinar we will discuss the following:

  • WHAT is data lineage from Finance and Risk viewpoints?
  • WHY should Finance and Risk care about it?
  • HOW can a data lineage solution assist Finance and Risk in everyday operations?
  • PLUS see a demo of Trigyan’s no-code knowledge graph solution in action

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Dr. Irina Steenbeek, founder of Data Crossroads