Trigyan offers a patent-pending no-code knowledge graph solution (GLIDE) which can be based on bespoke or public ontologies. Trigyan transforms “uncurated data” to “actionable data” which you can trust to make business decisions.



  • Ability to create rules around expected data types and data quality: more robust regulatory reporting

  • Discover relations between different data elements

  • No-code solution

  • Visualization that displays discovery relationships and how these relationships open up

  • Integration points with existing relational databases, streaming middleware such as Kafka, and legacy mainframe connectors

GLIDE connects to and ingests a wide range of data sources. Then, it allows you to seamlessly query both data and metadata together. Our micro-services layer and ontologies give your data scientists the tools they need to solve multiple business problems in less time and with fewer tools. Customers benefit from our industry-neutral architecture with domain specific ontologies. All of this works seamlessly so that customers can see where data is being used, what servers the data has been in, and what types of data have been used within other systems.

Key Metrics

Fewer man hours due to fixes on bad data

Fewer man hours due to fixes on bad data

Less downtime

 Fewer errors