Key Features

Give your data engineers the google search bar of data ops. Seamlessly query metadata and data together. Our micro-services layer and ontologies give your data scientists the tools they need to solve multiple business problems in less time and with fewer tools.

GLIDE is based on Industry and Domain Neutral Linked Data Ops Platform encompassing:

Linked data principles and FAIR Data Standards.

  • Mature OSS components such as Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Drools Rules Engine, Work-Flow Engine (Camunda), Open API Spec and RDF4J.

  • Industry-neutral linked data but the ontologies are domain-specific.

  • Messaging based loosely on coupled services with scalable messaging fabric.

  • Elastic scalability, using a micro-services architecture.

  • Pluggable Ontology Layer (Capital Markets based on FIBO).

  • Abstracted Triple Store Data Access Layer.

  • All Data Assets from Data Elements to Data Entities to Data Models expressed as Linked Data.

  • Mapping Engine – Transforms any dataset into Linked data.