Know Your Data

 “Know your data” is a phrase commonly used to emphasize the importance of understanding the data that an organization collects and manages. This includes knowledge of the data’s structure, format, content, and quality, as well as any relationships or dependencies that exist between different data sets.

Having a deep understanding of the data is important for a variety of reasons. GLIDE can help organizations to:

  • Ensure data accuracy and reliability: By understanding the data, organizations can ensure that it is accurate, reliable, and appropriate for its intended use.

  • Identify potential issues or risks: By understanding the data, organizations can identify potential issues or risks, such as data quality issues or security vulnerabilities.

  • Make better decisions: By understanding the data, organizations can make better decisions based on the insights gained from analyzing the data.

  • Improve data management: By understanding the data, organizations can develop more effective data management strategies and processes.

To “know your data”, organizations use GLIDE for data profiling techniques, data discovery, data catalogs, and other data management techniques. GLIDE enables a comprehensive ongoing process with continuous monitoring and analysis to ensure that the data remains accurate, relevant, and useful.


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