Use Cases

GLIDE’s capabilities enable data professionals to keep the knowledge of their data landscape in an “Evergreen” state, keeping them ready for new opportunities as they become available to the business.

Key Use Cases include: Discovery, Semantic Mapping/Lineage, Quality, Catalog, Entity Resolution, Data Profiling, Data Registrations and Knowing Your Data.

Banking and Finance


GLIDE assists you by providing procedures for avoiding risk exposure, enabling you to know your enterprise’s financial risks. GLIDE linked data continuously checks the quality and validity of your data, so you can forecast and evaluate your enterprise’s exposure.


  • The GLIDE engine lets you create a unified customer view, and build advanced use cases around the customer’s sphere of influence.

  • GLIDE periodically and continuously scans your customer data for duplicates.

  • GLIDE’s built-in entity resolution can automatically correct duplication and data input errors, making your customer data complete.


As regulations continue to increase and trading increasingly becomes faster and more complex, new solutions are needed to ensure that architecture is both robust and flexible enough to power the current trade life cycle.

Example: Trade Life Cycle

  • A more integrated trade architecture improves trade life cycle efficiency, reduces cost and unlocks revenue-generating insights.

  • Breaking down data silos and creating semantic linked data will drive trading innovation and enable the trade architecture to be more effective when dealing with compliance issues.


The GLIDE engine can refresh datasets and data in real time, providing you with on-demand data and metadata to build advanced use cases and data sets to better understand your customers and their unique uses of your products.


Using semantic data to back up your contracts easily gives end-to-end visibility into your contract processes, while enabling your enterprise to quickly and precisely calculate risk within your contacts on-demand and in real time.

  • Billions are lost in the banking domain every year through bad contract management. Unpaid revenue, regulatory fines and inaccurate billing are far too common.

  • Get rid of your data contract silos and practice a more centralized way of data management with GLIDE.


The Securities Master data must be correct to enable risk management, clearing settlements, and proprietary trading. Using GLIDE as your underlying data store will provide you access to these data assets seamlessly and accurately.