Data Registration

Data registration is the process of documenting and recording the metadata associated with a dataset, making it easier to discover, access, and use the data. The metadata typically includes information about the dataset’s structure, content, format, and intended use, as well as any restrictions or limitations on its use.

Data registration is often used in conjunction with data catalogs or data repositories, which provide a centralized location for storing and managing data assets. By registering their data with a catalog or repository, organizations can improve the discoverability and accessibility of their data, making it easier for others to find and use.

GLIDE facilitates the registration process with metadata extraction and, when needed generating metadata from the data itself. The goal of using GLIDE is to ensure that the metadata is consistent and complete.

Effective data registration is important for improving data sharing and collaboration, as well as ensuring compliance with data governance and data management policies. GLIDE helps to promote data discovery, reduce data duplication, and improve the overall quality and reliability of the data, keeping the data landscape “Evergreen” and ready for the next opportunity.


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