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Webinar: Choosing Knowledge Graphs and Data Lineage Solutions

Webinar: Semantic Data Mapping in the Context of Data Lineage

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Webinar: Knowledge Graphs, Metadata Management, and Data Lineage

Webinar: Choosing Knowledge Graphs and Data Lineage Solutions

Knowledge graphs and data lineage are metadata capabilities that many companies would like to have in place, if not already implemented. These capabilities assist in getting value from data and sustaining competitive advantage. However, companies often start implementing software without clearly understanding their needs and requirements. This approach may lead to the initiative’s failure, hence the webinar.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to define your needs? A clear understanding of a company’s needs assists in defining a feasible scope and implementation approach. It also allows for choosing the required set of metadata capabilities.
  • How to specify requirements for a software solution? Multiple solutions exist. To choose the right one, a company must specify its requirements.
  • How to choose the right solution?
    We will provide an analytical review of various solutions existing at the market.

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    Dr. Irina Steenbeek, founder of Data Crossroads